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Boxhead Zombie Wars

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Boxhead Zombie Wars is a very interesting game that is very popular among real gamers. The game Boxhead Zombie Wars is an action-shooter with really rich graphics, intuitive gameplay and original features. You play as Jon Bambo, a black mercenary with a huge arsenal of weapons. From all sides you are attacked by zombies, you have to fend off hordes of zombies; they are very clever, invisible and real devils! It also has defense mode added, in which you can split your terrible enemies. Beat them easily, but do not be very self assured. If you notice that from all sides you are attacked by huge amount of zombies, do not panic, but immediately start firing. Zombies are so tenacious that can be killed only with the second shot. Fighting zombies will be very bloody, if you are not well prepared for the upcoming battle, you will not survive. But you are always armed and always careful, so you have nothing to fear. Quickly clear the area from the first wave and take care of the next. The stronger you get, the more enemies are attacking John. Every passage to a new stage, the level of the game becomes harder and more interesting. Hold on against the hordes of zombies, all the forces that are constantly coming at you, destroy them without any doubt. Also extract new weapons and explosives from dead bodies. There are 2 modes - Classic and Defense, we have already told you of the second: improved graphics, new weapons, new zombies and new pleasure from the game! Control: move - arrows, shoot - a space, choose a weapon - the numbers. On the bottom of the screen, you will notice selection of 4 levels of difficulties. Now on the management: to move with arrow keys, and shoot with space. Choose a weapon with numbers from 1 to 9. Pause traditionally by P. Have a great time!!!

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